What is Email Validation?


What is Email Validation?

What is Email Validation
What is Email Validation?

Email validation is an important part of email marketing and email deliverability. Email marketing has proven to be a very strong strategy to reach and engage with customers. According to recent research, email marketing has an ROI of 122%, which is four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

However, the quality of the email list used to send an email marketing campaign has an effect on its success. That’s why email validation is such an important part of any email marketing strategy.

But it is possible only if you do it correctly!. The authority of any email marketing strategy is the email list, which should be clean and deliverable.

In this article, we will learn: first, What is email validation? The Importance of Email Validation: Why Do You Need to Validate Email Addresses? Also, what are the benefits of Email List validation, and How do I validate email addresses for users?

What is Email Validation?

Email validation is a way to check if an email address is real. And to ensure the validity of an email address that is active and belongs to a real person or entity. It involves checking the syntax, domain name, and mailbox existence of an email address to establish its ability to be delivered.

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The Importance of Email Validation for Marketers

As a marketer, did you know having a clean and valid email list will help you achieve success with your email marketing campaigns?

Email validation has a vital role to helps you achieve your goals. By making sure your emails are delivered to the right people and your brand name is protected.

The solution? Of course, it is verifying an email address to confirm its validity and existence. It also ensures that the email address is deliverable and has a reliable domain such as Gmail or Yahoo. But Why must you do the validate email?

Why You Need to Validate Email Addresses

You need email validation to ensure that your emails are delivered to the right people. Protect your brand reputation, and achieve a better return on investment (ROI) from your email marketing campaigns.

Validating email addresses is essential for marketers to avoid sending emails to invalid, inactive, or fake email addresses. Moreover, this process helps to reduce bounce rates, increase email deliver, and avoid being flagged as spam.

Best practice indicates that for every 5,000 email messages sent out, you should receive fewer than five spam complaints. With the arithmetic operation(5000×0,001=5).

Use the email validator tool, It is free!

Benefits of Email List Validation

Benefits of Email List Validation

Email list validation has a many benefits, including:

Increases Email Deliverability & Improves Marketing Campaigns

An email address check for your email list means more of your emails will reach the intended recipients. Also, this is can improve you get better results for your email marketing campaigns.

Reduces Bounce Rate & Fixing Bounces Efforts

Email list validation can help reduce bounce rates by identifying and removing invalid email addresses. In this case, in turn, reduces the effort and time spent fixing bounces, which can improve your marketing efficiency.

Provides Accurate Insights & Protects Your Reputation

By validating your email list, you can get correct insights into your behavior subscribers in your email list. Which can help you plan and design your marketing campaigns. Moreover, it helps to protect your reputation by avoiding sending emails to spam traps, inactive or fake email accounts, which can harm your brand image.

Saves Money & Gets Better ROI

Email list validation can save you money by reducing the number of invalid email addresses on your list.

Moreover, when you send news letter emails to valid and active email address lists. This can help you achieve a better return on investment (ROI) from your email marketing campaigns you ran.

Reduces Spam Complaints & Avoids Emailing Risky Email Accounts

By validating your email list, you can reduce the number of spam complaints by avoiding sending emails to risky email accounts. Also, this can help you maintain a good sender reputation and avoid being marked as spam.

Identify Catch-All Mail Servers & Recognizes Temporary Accounts

Email list validation can identify catch-all mail servers, which accept any email address at a domain, making it difficult to identify invalid email addresses. Moreover, it can detect temporary email accounts that are often used for fraudulent activity.

Helps to Build a Reliable Database & Increase Engagement Rates

By validating your email list, you can create a reliable database of active subscribers who are likely to engage with your news letter. This gives a good rate of response and improves the success rate of your marketing campaigns.

How to Validate Email Addresses for Users?

Here are the steps you can take to validate email addresses for users:

  1. Check for the correct format: The first step in validating an email address is to check whether it is in the correct format. Then, an email address must have a username, followed by the @ symbol, and a domain name. The domain name must have at least one period and end with a top-level domain (such as .com, .org, or .net). You can use regular expressions or a pre-built library to check the format of the email address.
  2. Verify the domain name: Once you have validated the format of the email address, you can check if the domain name exists and is active. You can use the Domain Name System (DNS) to perform a lookup and see if the domain name exists. Also, you go to check if the domain name has valid exchange (MX) records. This indicates the domain is set up to receive email.
  3. Send a verification email: In this step, you can send a verification email to the address provided by the user, containing a link or code that the user must click or enter to confirm their email address. So, this step helps to confirm that the user has access to the email address as the owner.
  4. Use third-party email verification services: There are several third-party services that can help you validate email addresses. To clarify, these services check the validity of email addresses using multiple checks and algorithms, including syntax validation, domain validation, and mailbox validation. Meanwhile, some popular email verification services include ZeroBounce, EmailListVerify, and Hunter.

Conclusion: About Email Validation

Email validation is a critical process for marketers to ensure that their email marketing campaigns are successful. Also, it helps to increase email deliverability, reduce bounce rates, save money, and protect your brand reputation. So, by validating your email list, you can achieve a better return on investment (ROI) from your email marketing campaigns.

FAQ: About Email Validation

How Can I Ensure That my Email Validate Is Accurate?

In this case, to ensure that your email validation is accurate, you can test it using a variety of email address formats and edge cases, such as addresses with multiple periods or unusual characters.

How often should I validate my email list?

In this situation, we recommended to validate your email list regularly, at least once every six months, to ensure that your list is up-to-date and contains valid email addresses.

Can Email Validation be Done Using an API?

Of course, you may integrate email validate into your application or website using one of the many services that offer an API for email validate.

Can email validation detect spam traps?

Yes, of course can detect spam traps, which are email addresses used to identify spammers. When you delete spam traps from your email list, you can avoid being marked or flagged as a spammer and protect your sender reputation.

How can email validation improve my ROI?

By validating your email list, you will achieve the following:
Reduce bounce rates.
Save money.
Send emails to your active
Engaged subscribers
Which can increase the ROI of your email marketing campaigns.

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