Digital Marketing Courses: 12 FREE Online Training

Digital Marketing Courses: 12 FREE Online Training

Digital Marketing Courses is a follow-up to an online digital marketing training course. Good training courses will help you build the skills needed to become a successful digital marketer and boost your career.

Do I need a certificate to learn digital marketing?
You do not need a college degree to learn digital marketing, and you do not want to have to spend $1 on courses. You can learn it for free!. Above all, we will highlight five free resources to learn digital marketing.

In this post, you will find the best digital marketing courses available online. The list includes 12 free digital marketing training courses from reputable and credible sources.

First, let’s talk about five free resources to learn digital marketing.  You must learn digital marketing and hone your skill! Since you are a new digital marketer.

What Are the Benefits Do you Provide When Selling Services?

Promote sell services? What highlights your business from the tens of thousands of others that offer the same promote sell services? Why should I contact your company? What is in it for me? Therefore, one question all website visitors want answered. As soon as you tell them that, more people will stay on your website longer. So the benefits sell a product. But hype does not.

Double Motive Marketing Hacked

Although there are free courses, few companies seem to face some social media marketing hurdles. What is the reason for the formation of this wall? But the question is here. What is the solution? You should learn and grow some of your skills through digital marketing courses!

What Type of Web Traffic Do You Want?

No matter where a market is in the buying cycle, creating a website for a market that wants to learn has to value for the entire market.
It can be a challenge to pack a lot of information into our pages and show the tip of the iceberg.

If you think the lie your web designer tells you about directing web traffic to your site is true, you are about to suffer. However, increasing traffic is just sales hype that has nothing to do with reality. And accepting the broken concept of driving traffic will cost you hundreds of dollars because it will deceive you and mislead you about attracting the only traffic that can help your business. To be successful, you must learn something from digital marketing courses.

Top and Great internet marketing tips from the pros

Online marketing is a great way for businesses of any size to reach their target customers and reach your goals. It is very important to have a well-thought-out plan to maximize the impact of the marketing campaign. Follow the online marketing tips and advice given here to create an effective internet marketing action plan for your business.

Marketing Tactics: Worth Trying Using Social Media

Let your focus on the power of video and images in social media and never underestimate their power like Facebook, Twitter, Pinter-est, and Google+. Everyone nowadays is looking for something visual and attractive that they can share with their friends. I can tell you that some of the best social media campaigns that have gone viral are because of the great image and creative videos or photos. Choose one of the digital marketing courses to strengthen your skills.

Reach Google First Page With The Help of An Expert Internet Marketing Agency

You may ask how long do I need to get to the first page of Google? Most internet marketers will tell you that it is very difficult to get to the first page of Google. ِAdditionally, it takes a long time once you have an idea of how to do it. Google latest Penguin and Panda updates meant a lot of web marketers were red-flagged and given the boot off the search engines. With attention, maybe it is time you enlist the services of an expert online marketing agency to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. You should learn digital marketing courses and grow your skills!

Year End Promotions Your Customers And Clients Will Love

Looking for a simple, low-cost, and very effective way to grab the interest of your next target customer?. Do you struggle to convey the value of your products or services and explain the value of What you have to offer?. And you wish to could show them your target market how it works?

Improve Your Digital Marketing courses For Free With Online Training

Did you know that the majority of the top web players, including Google and Facebook, provide free digital marketing training to assist you in making the most of their individual platforms? You may be surprised! When you discover there is a whole world of online learning available to help improve your digital marketing skills. Best of all, a lot of this training is completely free!

Online learning options are available to improve social media, email marketing, content production, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization skills. To name a few!. With this purpose in mind, a lot of excellent content is readily available for free It is easier than ever!. Check out these free online digital marketing courses to get you started.

You might be pleased to hear that a great deal of digital marketing courses online learning is available to help you advance your digital marketing abilities.

12 Free Digital Marketing Courses

Most digital marketing courses are free. And you can get started and boost your digital marketing career.

1. Udemy Digital Marketing Course [Free]

Digital Marketing Courses on Udemy

This academy is one of the most well-known learning platforms on the internet and offers quality digital marketing courses for free on digital marketing. For example, search for your preferred digital marketing course topic set the filter to ‘free’, and scroll through the options. ِAs a result, Udemy is a convenient way to access a range of quality free digital marketing training.

2. Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Courses [Free]

Online Digital Marketing courses on Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint hosts a range of free digital marketing courses for business owners and marketers. Also, there are free courses for Instagram. By covering, Facebook page management, ads manager, business accounts, analytics, finding your customers, boosting your business, and more. Facebook Blueprint also offers certification, awarding credentials to professionals who are advanced-level competency in digital marketing on Facebook.

3. Google Digital Garage Marketing Courses [Free]

Google Digital Garage Marketing Course

Similarly, with Google Digital Garage, you can select individual modules to complete or take an entire course on a specific digital marketing topic. In the same way, Google offers a range of free digital marketing courses designed to help grow your business or jump-start your career. Moreover, the free Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course provides certification upon completion. On the other hand, other training options include leadership, graphic design, coding, business writing, and well-being.

4. Google Primer App [Free] Digital Marketing Courses 

Google Primer App-Course

Likewise, primer is a free mobile app from Google that offers learning in bite-sized lessons, perfect for on the go. To start, With two different courses on digital marketing plus others delving into social media, analytics, email marketing, and business insights. Delivered by industry experts, topics available on primer include business, operations, branding, marketing, identity, and measurement. Primer is also ideal for business owners.

5. Hubspot Academy Online Digital Marketing Courses [Free]

Hubspot Online Courses

Academy Hubspot offers free training. Providing you with quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, Hubspot shares information on content marketing, SEO, YouTube and social media, and case studies following the real-life experiences of users. Accordingly, there is also a lot of general learning and content that you can take down and use for yourself.

6. Social Media 101 Course By Constant Contact

Social Media 101 Course By Constant Contact

Constant Contact: The best part about this course is that it is free. This course shows you step by step. How to create a social media presence?. Also, how do you improve your skills across a range of platforms? Such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinter-est, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Snap-chat, and YouTube. This course offers plenty of lessons, actual student outcomes, and guides.

7. Optinmonster Digital Marketing Courses [Free]

Optinmonster Digital Marketing Course

This free course will help you a lot. Are you looking to increase website conversions? Optinmonster suggested for you. They have created several free courses covering multiple topics. Some of them are related to conversion optimization and email marketing to educate their students. In addition, in this course, once you can get traffic to your website, you will need conversions.

8. SEMrush Academy Digital Marketing Courses [Free]

Online Semrush Academy Free Courses

Semrush offers both basic and advanced education. It is useful for everyone, so it works for both beginners and professionals. Learn about SEO, link building, keyword research, and content marketing. It is free and also offers certificates.

9. Ahrefs Academy Online Digital Marketing Courses

Free Ahrefs Academy Online Courses

Academy of Ahrefs provides you with the best tools and courses in digital marketing. Learning from the lessons here will help you understand keyword research and on-page optimization, competitive research, market analysis, back-link and link acquisition, and SEO planning strategies. Do you know what the best part is? It is a place for educational video courses to enhance your marketing learning.

10. Wordstream PPC University

Wordstream PPC University

The best course to start learning the basics of paid ads is via Word-stream PPC University. It also includes paid advertising – those ads you watch before your YouTube video plays. One of the most valuable parts of digital marketing for many companies. And the best course to start learning the basics of paid ads is via Word-stream PPC University.

11. SkillShare Digital Marketing Courses [Free]

Skillshare Free Classes

If you are looking for a low-cost way to learn digital marketing, look no further than SkillShare. The online platform offers a variety of courses in the field of digital marketing. Moreover, do not feel that you alone will learn with the number of students. You will pay a small monthly fee instead of a big enrollment fee, and you can take a 14-day trial for free.

12. Neil Patel Training Center

Neilpatel Training Center

With the Neil Patel Training Center, SEO, all social platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, conversion rate optimization, and email marketing. If you continue to learn in it and do that, you will get value.

Best Digital Marketing Courses: How to Choose Online Courses?

You may now be thinking and wondering. “Which is the best digital marketing course from the above list?” When choosing a digital marketing course, you should depend on your specific situation. There is no best path for every type of person.

To determine which course to choose, consider your budget, time available, and preferred learning style.

Also, keep this in mind free vs. paid, and the refund policy of paid courses. ِAnd since some of the options above are free, you can use them to get a taste of whether you enjoy learning about digital marketing. Then, you can invest in one or two paid options.

As a result, if you are sure you want to learn digital marketing to start/grow a career, then you can not go wrong with the first two options on our list above. Both are excellent and well worth the cost.

Other Good Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online

Now that we looked at where to learn digital marketing with the course. That means we can talk about some other options for learning digital marketing. So you can learn digital marketing online via platforms like YouTube, blogs, podcasts, discussion websites like Quora, and more.
Therefore, I think you will have the best results and success in finding high-paying jobs. If you also like to take structured courses in digital marketing, that is through learning in some method and order!

If you have colleagues, you can talk to them to learn together. It is perfect! If you can find at least one or two people in your network who are trying to learn this skill with you and are already digital marketers. Therefore, it is going to be a lot easier for you.

For example, if you find a great YouTube video sharing a new tactic within this field. You can share ideas and concepts you’re learning. You can also pass along great resources for learning digital marketing as you discover them!
Keep in mind that’s something and try to get it for yourself!

Starting Steps: How to Learn Digital Marketing Right Now

Firstly, now that you know where and how to learn digital marketing online, What should you do next?
Our advice: do not overthink!. Choose one or two courses that seem in your niche and start browsing the material.
Secondly, think about if there’s anyone in your network that you can share this learning experience with! Would anyone else be interested in taking a course in digital marketing and learning this skill?. Or is anyone already working in marketing who might be able to mentor you?
Further, do search for free online resources like YouTube, Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, and more. Accordingly, you can find some great gems and info there.
And no matter how you start, the key is to start now. Most people over-analyze and never get started. They say they’ll learn digital marketing “someday.” Just start and take action!
Moreover, if you follow the steps above, you’ll be on your way to a new, high-paying career in digital marketing.
In addition, if you already have a job and are busy, you can set aside an hour each night to start going through one of these courses.
And if you’re jobless or a new graduate looking for your first job, then you could do even more time per day. Pick online digital marketing courses and see if it is a good fit for you.


In conclusion, there are a lot of courses that are worth some part of your time. But the courses we have mentioned here are the best digital marketing courses. Moreover, it is interesting that you do not need to spend a dollar on them because they are free. It is also informative, attractive, and offers various benefits. They will help you through your digital marketing learning journey, especially if you are looking for a job. Finally, if you enjoy reading our article, share it with your friends.

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